Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Step 2 Play Up Double Slide Climber

Okay as I promised before I would put up some pictures of my prize. It had seemed so long but persistance is the key to winning. My lil guy just loves this. Wanting to play outside as much as possible. You can see why. Such a little ham and having a blast. The typical boy he is you see he climbs up the slide. He even lays on the slide and says Night Night. That is how much he enjoys it. The first night he played until 10pm that evening

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I finally did it!!

I have been signing up for various giveaways. Mainly something to put in my yard. On Saturday I got the best news I had won a Step 2 Double Slide Climber. Talk about being excited. I was not to sure on my odds knowing that the week of the June 11-18 I was unable to tweet due to me being hospitalized with Spontaneous Pneumothorax in other terms I had a collapsed Lung. As soon as we get this product in I will take pictures and post. Thank you to @abusymommy http://abusymommy.com/. Again pictures will be posted soon as I am very excited.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Those darn Mesquitos

So from the time we travelled from the car to in the house my little guy had got bitten my a mesquito. This was Thursday night.When he awoke on Friday I noticed his eye was swelling. As the day progressed the keep swelling. this morning when we awoke I immediately called the Dr. to get him in. So now he is under close observation. If the eye begins to swell get even redder feel warm to touch or he starts running a fever I will have to call the Dr. emergency exchange number and no doubt have to go to the ER. for antibiotics through IV. That would mean an infection has set in. I wish my baby well